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 Hazel's Commissions Sheet  

Do you want me do draw something for you? This Page's the right one then.

☟☟You can find my Art Here☟☟

My Portfolio

What i Will do What i Won't do
Objects Complex Backgrounds
Peoples (OC's or IRL) Humanoid Animals
Ship Art (No NSFW) NFT's
Simple Backgrounds NSFW
Animals (Such as Pets)
Desktop Wallpapers

Prices (One Character)

Simple Sketch
 Head 2 $
 Bust 3 $
 Full Body 5 $


Flat Colors (No Shading)
 Head 7 $
 Bust 8 $
 Full Body 10 $


Colors And Shading
 Head 16 $
 Bust 18 $
 Full Body 20 $


 IRL Photo 2 $
 Digital Art, Simple 3 $
 Environnement (Room, Park..) 5 $

Price per character is discounted to 50% starting from 3 Characters. (Adding an animal counts as a character).

All drawings comes with a simple color background.

Objects and Wallpapers

 Sketch  3 $
 Flat Colors 5 $
 Shading and all 10 $


 Simple with Logo (Provide) 3 $
 Liquid Colors (Example) 5 $

Supported Payment Method

☟☟☟ Contact Me Here!! ☟☟☟


You will need to provide as much info as you can about your

Character or pet concerned such as, but not limited to: Ref Sheet, Drawings and Pictures. 


Please note that have all the rights to refuse a commission for any reason!




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